Depths Mystery School seeks candidates committed to self-understanding. Dedication to the growth process is the recipe needed for the transition from unknown to all-known. To capture this awareness, one needs an accurate depiction of reality at every Depth. If misunderstandings are held, it may alter your perspective and disable you from experiencing the clear view. True liberty comes by freeing oneself from all deception. Envelop yourself in the practice and you too can achieve the wisdom of divine sages.


The Nine Depths illustrates the creation process and will indicate where one is fluid or stuck. Each Depth captures specific physical, mental, and emotional experiences of Being in the universe. By exploring underlying processes, individuals can begin to examine different levels of their Being to better understand how each Depth affects the Cohesive Whole. Depths Mystery offers a separate course for each Depth. The classes need not be taken sequentially, but rather organically, when your body, mind, or spirit is ready to explore that Depth of the universe. Seekers are welcome to take each course more than once and are encouraged to review the material often.


Depths Mystery offers immersive training for those especially interested in learning personal development skills. Trainings will be crafted per individual need and offers a wide range of personal exploration and discovery. Since it may take several years of training, a limited number of spots are available at any given time. The instructor will recommend this path to students exhibiting an extraordinary commitment to the awakening process. If a candidate would like to self-initiate this course of study, anyone is welcome to contact Depths Mystery to explore it.


Courses are offered online and in person. Please email for current schedule. Click here for training costs.